Drew Shih - Transitional Pastor

MDiv (Regent College)

BBA (McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin)

Drew is a Taiwanese-American from Dallas, Texas. Having served various churches while living in 4 different countries (U.S., Canada, S.Korea, Taiwan), Drew brings a unique understanding of leadership and spiritual formation from both eastern and western contexts.   As the first Christian in his family, Drew has a deep and abiding passion for evangelism and discipleship. He loves empowering believers to integrate the love of Christ into every sphere of life. He believes both Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit need to operate together to effectively advance the gospel.   

Before he committed his life fully to ministry, Drew worked in many different jobs including restaurant management, running an import/export business, as a sex education speaker, middle-school basketball coach, engineer at Motorola, IT consultant, computer hardware technician, cell phone sales, and even as a teaching assistant to professors.  All these experiences contributed to his entrepreneurial DNA, passion for the unchurched, and sensitivity to the needs of every day people.

He co-founded Good Daddy Foods, a food distribution business in Taiwan that also serves to positively encourage fathers and men. (https://www.gooddaddyfoods.com)  He is also the co-founder of Humble Pie, a non-profit ministry focused on providing video sermon resources for evangelism and discipleship purposes. (www.ihumblepie.com) His wife Sarah is Korean-Canadian and is the smartest, coolest person he knows. They have four beautiful daughters who have passports to three different countries.