Our name is changing!



Names are important. We have loved and embodied our name New Joy for the past fifteen years but feel that as our culture and vision change, so must our name. While many may struggle with transition, we recognize that name changes are part of the Biblical narrative: Jacob became Israel; Joseph of Cyprus became Barnabas; Jesus renamed Simon, Peter. Each of these name changes indicated a far-reaching character and seasonal change. As we go through a similar crisis of changing seasons and visions, we feel called that our name must also reflect these changes: letting go of the old and grasping onto the new. It is a bold step for a bold season.

We are grateful for how you have engaged with us in this challenging process as we wrestled with our identity, values, theology, and what we represent to this community. We are honoured to announce that our new name, as voted by our members, is On3 Church.


what does On3 mean to us and what do we hope that it will mean to you?


  1. We are a God-focused, Jesus-centered, Spirit-empowered church: 3 signifies the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  2. We are a community being carried by and built on the nature and character of God. Visually, On3 looks like ONE: THREE in ONE; Unity and Diversity.

  3. It is a reminder to live with the resurrection in mind: the power of the 3rd day.

  4. It is an action-oriented name: a reminder to be proactive and an imperative - it is a call to action! We are a team huddling together for a purpose: “On 3”!

  5. It is an evangelism tool that is accessible to the secular. On3 allows for the church to have a clean slate in people's minds and is a intriguing conversation starter: “What does On3 mean?”


What can you expect as we become On3 Church?

Over the next few months you will see:

  1. The legal name change filing process.

  2. The introduction of On3 Church (Facebook) and @_on3church (Instagram and Twitter). We will continue using both New Joy Church and On3 Church during this period.

  3. Changes in staff email signatures stating that our name is changing.

  4. We will start calling ourselves New Joy / On3 Church.

  5. We will be working on and finalizing our new On3 Church logo and branding.

In late 2018 you will see:

  1. The use of On3 Church only on social media (New Joy Church will redirect traffic to On3 Church).

  2. The soft launch of a new website.

  3. Future events using our new name and logo.

In early 2019 you will see:

  1. The official launch of On3 Church! This will include a celebration and a launching of On3 Church!


Matthew 16:18 - “On this rock I will build my church…”


We are built On Him. We are On God. We are On Father, Son, and Spirit. We are On3.


For more information, please view the presentation from the Elders explaining the reason for and the meaning behind On3: https://vimeo.com/266041861 (password: Onthisrock). We are here for you, to dialogue with you, wrestle with the new name, and celebrate On3. We love you.


In the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

The Pastoral Team + Elders